Jimi (Haha) Davies (Jimmies Chicken Shack/Jarflys)

"Todd is one of those rare-find musical geniuses who can do practically anything when it comes to playing, recording, refining, producing, and teaching music. But what really puts him over the top is his genuine, down-to-earth personality and his ability to translate your ideas and desires in musical masterpieces. Todd doesn't claim to know it all (although I have my suspicions that he actually does!) and he's open to all ideas and questions and takes a vested interest in helping you achieve your goals; whether that's learning a new song on the guitar or bringing one your your songs to life in the recording studio. I just can't say enough about how much Todd has helped me improve as a singer, guitar player, songwriter, and recording artist. I swear by his guidance and advice and I'm honored by his friendship."



"When I decided I wanted to release my first CD, Todd was the first person I thought of to help me. Coming in, I handed him nine acoustic songs with the expectation that he could write fully produced songs for a band. I wasn’t sure what type of challenges would come with a project this large, but Todd pushed me in the best way possible while keeping the environment creative and relaxed. I had an insane deadline – only three months – but he spent countless hours in the studio helping me build something beautiful. I left with music that made me sound mature, professional, and developed a distinct sound and vibe that fully represented me as a musician. Honestly, the finished project was so much more than I could have ever hoped for. I can easily say that working with Todd was one of the best experiences I’ve had and I can’t wait for the next time!"






Michael K. (Pretty Big Deal/DJ Michael K.)

"Todd is brilliant. He has the ability to produce any style of music with authenticity. From symphonic to pop to rock to flamenco. He can build on any performers talents and sharpen them to a fine point"






Jocelyn Faro

Dennis Bonner

"Todd is just too talented. He can not only give you a great guitar sound, but he will also give you a great production. I have worked with Todd a number of times instead of going to Nashville, and never lost a step."