What Exactly Do You Do? Who Do You Work With?


I most often work with singer/songwriters of any genre who either want to record their songs acoustically (ie: voice & guitar), or wish to have FULLY produced,  and professionally recorded songs without the need for a band. I produce everything from demos, to full albums, to music written for film and television placements, and beyond. 

What Musical Genres Can You Handle?


Just about anything.

How Do You Record My Song If I Have No Band?


I am your band. I do everything that a great band would do with your songs.




What If I Only Have A Melody And No Chords?


I can help you harmonize your melody with chords.


What If I Just Need Drums For My Song? Or Just Some Electric Guitar?


I can make any or all of the tracks that you need for just about any instrument. 




It is my mission to assist artists in expressing their musical ideas, while bringing their songs to life using my vast tools and experience.


Can I Hear An Example Of A Song That You've Produced?

Yes! Just check out the listening area of this site.


Do I Have To Come To Your Studio?

Of course, you can always come to my studio to record vocals and/or instruments, but there are several other ways in which we can work together remotely.